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About Cardio Nuclear Diagnostic Centers

eMedRec adapts to the practice rather than forcing the practice to adapt to eMedRec.
These diagnostic centers prefer to use paper forms and clipboards for their paper
encounters then scan the bar coded forms into the patient's electronic chart.

This group of diagnostic centers has 5 locations in the Southeast Florida region. The dynamic of the patient visit and the record needs varies substantially from traditional medical offices. The centers have many thousands of patients that they often see one time for one test.

The favorite feature of the eMedRec system for these facilities is the forms design and packaging. Each procedure or test has a forms package. The package may consist of a patient information sheet, authorizations, and the procedure sheet.

In the afternoon all the packages are printed for the next day's appointments. The patient doesn't need to fill in the blanks because the system has pulled the names, addresses, birth date, insurance, and all other information from the scheduling software.

The technician doesn't need to use the computer to make their notes because these centers prefer to use paper forms with clipboards. Other practices can use desktop or tablet PC's and enter information directly. The eMedRec system doesn't dictate the way a medical environment conducts business. Flexibility and choices are provided.

After the test is complete the bar coded forms are scanned into the system and automatically placed in the patient's chart. Workflow may be configured to automatically fax results to the referring physician after review.