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About Florida Cardiology Group

Florida Cardiology Group was one of the premier medical offices in South Florida to embrace electronic document management and abandon paper based patient charts. In 1994 this busy practice was adding a third Cardiologist to the staff and faced the choice of either moving the offices, or eliminating the space consuming paper chart racks.

All patient records are housed in eMedRec . The physicians dictate their Notes to digital recorders and the outside transcription service uploads the Notes to the eMedRec Workflow for sign off and faxing to referring physicians.

The practice network utilizes a Windows platform with integrated Medical Manager practice management software on a cloud host.

A major concern to practices in South Florida is the risk of records to natural disaster, particularly hurricanes. One benefit of storing all patient records in the EHR is the ability to back up the files and store them off site. The patient files from Florida Cardiology are safely stored at two off site locations to assure that they cannot be lost.



"Professional relationships with other physician's practices are great. When the primary physician asks for a medical record they don't have to wait for weeks. They get it faxed to their office in a couple minutes."

"eMedRec has been a great asset for our practice. This system saved us from having to hire three additional employees by eliminating the need for a records custodian for each of our doctors, to pull charts and file patients records. It has also saved us office space by getting rid of cabinets full of charts. Most importantly, it has helped us to be a more efficient and more organized practice."   Lori Sugarman, Office Administrator

Original Installation 1994